Warning: Please Don't Be The Gaijin That Fucks It Up At Pururungang

Discussion in 'Questions, Answers & Warnings' started by johnnyboy84, Jul 13, 2014.

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    I got a call last night from a Japanese friend of mine who I also happened to have introduced him to Pururungang. He told me a white dude showed up earlier this week and they were willing to take him since he demonstrated a good amount of Japanese speaking ability. Then when he was selecting for a girl, he asks in Japanese which girls offer sex. They didn't really scream and yell at him. They told me they laughed in his face and told him they can't do that. He keeps asking and then they kept laughing at him (apparently they were laughing at his broken Japanese) and he just walked out.

    Remember, outside of soaplands, technically, other services like Hotel Health, Pink Salons and Fashion Health can't offer FS. If you do it in a hotel health like Pururungang, Happy Berry, or 5A Heads, it is the front office that can't do say they do that. But once the girl shows up to your hotel room, what happens there is the privacy between you and the girl. But I remember some guy warned us in another thread that his Japanese friend went to a fashion health place and was caught in the act with the girl and has to pay a hefty fine. So please don't show up and say you want sex. If you want it, wait for the girl. And if she says no, then please keep in mind that no means no. Or else you will pay a big ass fine and get foreigners like me banned from this place despite being a loyal customer with VIP status for nearly 3 years.

    Also, it is not about communication that gets you in but street smarts as well. I say it's 65% street smarts and 45% communication to get into some of these places that don't openly advertise to foreign customers.
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    Ikebukuro is my territory too and I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't this white dude! ...But I'll keep an eye out for him.

    I have noticed Pururungang, especially after hearing jb84's Umi reviews, but I don't necessarily require big oppai, or the FS option, so I've passed it by.

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