Watersports and Escorts


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May 5, 2012
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I have kind of a desire to be urinated on and I've never had it done to me before but I just want to try it at least once. The thing is, I was wondering what people's views were on whether any Japanese escorts would be OK with that kind of thing.

I've only been with 2 escorts before and although they were quite open and easy to talk with I don't know if I'd feel rude suggesting something like that to them. Or that maybe they might feel really uncomfortable.

I want to stress that I don't want to urinate on them, just them to urinate on me and I'd be happy if it was in a bathtub so as not to make a mess. I just have a desire to try it. What are you guys thoughts on this? Has anyone ever tried this with an escort? Would it be a really bad idea to suggest ask for it?
Contact Asian Mystique. The girls are allowed to urinate on customers, but not vice versa. And I'm not taking the piss!
(independent escort) provide such service: she will do pee in the bath as you want, over your chest; actually i asked her to did over my head, and i even drank it (very good taste!). She is a little old woman, but i like her body: if you have that fantasy is a great option, because she has pretty much nexperience of that, so the things will be smoothly. In the sex she is robotic, but i think you should try at least one time to satisfy your curiosity,
____ is no longer escort any more.

Which ____ are you talking about? There are a number of ladies carrying the name "____".