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Nov 7, 2011
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Hello guys

Is there somebody have information about this website :
[info removed]
(I dont why but the link is not accepted by the forum, censorship?)

It's a kind of portal of escort website with booking facilities for the western.
Girls looks good, price are good...
You submit a form about your information and somebody call you to complete the booking. You can choose the girl by phone.
The basic course dont include FullSex, but I think all the girl offer this as "a very special service" for 5k JPY extra.
I tried two times, two different agencies, but the girl didn't look like the ones in the website, not at all...

It's bad luck or always big fake like this ?
Some other experience ?
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The site that you are trying to post about has been banned from TAG.

They started spamming their information all over our site and also posted negative comments about other services that are discussed here. (Negative meaning, they had not used the services and were just making random statements to drive people to their service.)

Thus, we do not permit them to post their information here after what they had done in the past.

If anyone wants the specific site information, you may exchange it in a PM. We otherwise block their links from being posted here.