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Windows Vista: Rant

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Aug 23, 2009
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Let me say up front, that this is a rant more than anything else.

Just recently, my company has been deploying Windows Vista [Enterprise] to all desktops and laptops that are assigned in Japan. It had been in testing for over a year before being fully deployed in Q4 of 2009.

Prior to Windows Vista, we were using Windows XP, which was fine. Now, I do understand that Vista is much more stable now than it was in the beginning, it still doesn't really hold up against Windows 7 and Windows XP. I would have much prefered to stay with Windows XP and them move to Windows 7 at a later date. Now, I have a Windows Vista machine on a brand new piece of hardware and it runs like piss.

The responsible morons who configured these desktops have locked the settings down so tight, it really takes a lot of tweaking to get around certain things that are controlled under the UAC system. [Thank you portable app systems!] Not only did they lock the machines down so tightly, they also scheduled the virus scans in the middle of the day, which you cannot stop. Thus, making the PC even more sluggish at a critical point in the day.

My department is full of IT people, but we don't support our internal IT systems. Most of us however, have gotten around the crap that the internal IT department setup on our PC's. I did file complaints, weekly, about the problems in both configuration settings as well as application control. Being the Japanese people they are, they wouldn't budge an inch.

Being an IT professional and then given a machine that is almost totally inflexible, is like a death sentence. :mad:

But thank god I found a way to get RDP working, that has been the only thing keeping my mind stable!

Rant Done. Thanks for reading!

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Some people would call me a tech-girl, I don't think I fill that image.

We are using Windows XP with a small percentage of Vista users. Most of the real techs we have, that actually do real IT work, prefer XP. I've heard through the grapevine that we'll get Windows 7 in about a year, maybe after it gets the first service pack.

Personally, I want some of the features of Windows 7 but I am ok with XP until then!
At home I've converted to Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop PC. At work, we're using a mix of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. There are no Vista machines as of yet. I'd expect a move to Windows 7 in a year or two, we'll see.

I do love Windows 7 - It's a solid OS and I have had no problems since I have been running it. (Started from beta/RC 7100)