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Yamato/NAF Area Reviews

Hairy Guy

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Jun 12, 2013
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Ok, First time poster, short time lurker, long time freak. So, I love massages. So I went out to the Yamato area looking for a solid massage with a happy ending and my 4th time was a charm. But here is some reviews of the 3 places I went.

All are in Yamato

The first experience I had was walking around Yamato and I saw a few massage places outside the Yamato station to the South east. Just under the bridge there are 2 places, One on the ground floor and one next door on 2F. The one on 2F was open at noon so I gave it a try. Its one of the 70/hr places. Now keep in mind this was my first attempt at anything in japan. So I go up and was greeted by a decent looking older woman. Sat me down and gave me a drink and the course menu. She said Oil or shiatsu. I took the shiatsu. Im a hairy guy so Oil would be gross. Young decent looking girl comes out and gets me and we leave the waiting room and get in the elevator and go up a floor to a different room. Im thinking "Its on now". She did speak a little english. So she gets me down to my boxers and starts massaging me, Decent, but nothing great. She knew what she was doing atleast. So 30 minutes in, im still on my stomach and she lays on top of me and starts humping/grinding. I was like ok, she is trying to wake up the beast. Then the flip, I proudly let my flag fly high and here eyes light up and she goes "Oh". Then she puts the towel back over me and starts to massage my thighs ect. By this time if she sneezes, her head would have been impaled by the tent pole, lol. anyways she moves up and puts my head in her lap and starts massaging my head and face, then says times up! I was like what? I was still nevrous so I did not ask for anything. Overall, decent massage for $70, she was friendly, not a clock watcher, decent conversation, I actually enjoyed her company. Legit place, Im looking for something a bit seedier for $70.

Went back a second time to try again. Same chick again "Amy" offered me the oil course and a shower, I denied the oil but I took the shower where she washed me up, no touching other than the wash of the C-n-B, I was like its on now!!! Same thing as the first time except this time I asked for a HE at the end, she gave me the Japanese X with fingers and said "we no service here like that" Other places" I was super bummed. Last time I go there I guess. On to the next one!

Link to store front. Enterance is next to the bicycle.,113.87,,0,-3.62
Like I said, on to the next one. So a few weeks later I was in the mood for a massage again, so I went back to Yamato and walked around and decided to try the place next door to the previous spot on the ground level. So I walk in and wait for a minute untill a cute girl comes out and greets me. Takes me to the waiting room and sits me on the couch. Same deal, get some tea and a menu. I see some Kanji with a red star burst for 10000y for 60 minutes, o i ask whats that? She does not speak english so she grabs at my chest and johnson. I was like, "Its on". Took that in a second. We go back to the room and I get undressed and she lays me on the massage table face down and starts the massage. Kinda weak. On the flip in not aroused or enjoying myself much. She oiled my back and now she was pouring oil on my chest. then she kneels at my head and reaches over me and starts rubbing my nipples for like 5 minutes. It was weird, then things got more interestig. She pulls my boxers off and pours oil on my crotch and starts massaging my groin and all around the captian and the boys. That was amazing and I was rock hard. I was thinking, finally. after a few minutes she gives me the universal HE motion, I said yes and nodded and put my arms behind my head to enjoy. She stopped and looked at me and pointed at me. I was like what, She motioned to me that I need to give myself the HE. Weird right. So I pointed back at her to do the HE, She said 5000. I was like No thanks. So I was not gonna go with Blue balls so she poured on the oil and I went to work, she was watching and I think she enjoyed that, after a minute she started rubbing my nipple with one hand and groin/balls with the other, a minute later I aimed and shot at her, Direct hit> She kinda flinched and gave a little giggle and grabbed some tissue and wiped herself off and then me with some hot towels. Pretty different experience, but I enjoyed It because in my head I wanted to think she enjoyed watching. On to the next one...

1F, right behind that old lady,187.7,,0,-0.33
Went back to the 1F place on a friday night, Different girl working front. No English. She called another shop and had a cute looking english speaking chinese girl bring me down the street to the other shop. Name is Veina,pronounced Lana, dressed like a normal asian girl, nothing special, Nice conversation on the walk, which was nice. She said she goes to college during the day for business managment, I believe here because her english is good and she was quite intellegent not like most massage girls. There were 2 other girls in the shop which she informed me they dont speak english. We were all kinda talking and they were kinda teasing on her because she found a american english speaker and thats what she likes I guess, she was blushing. I opted for the 70m oil massage for 10000y. Showered up and layed down butt naked. She came in and iwhen i entered there was some j-pop crap playing, not too loud, then after a few minutes they put some more "romantic" music on and Veina said something out loud to the other girls. They were teasing here again I thing. Great back massage, did the same oil and crotch massage as the last girl, no nipple play because I told here that I was weird last time. I asked how much time was left, she said 5 minutes, I said she had better hurry, she gave a confused look, I gave the HE motion. She said she would get in trouble, I promied to keep quite, she agreed! She got the oil out and lubed me up good and went to town. She was far from quite with here hand motions and oil, very wet and loud, if you were with in 10 feet you would have known that sound. She was staring at my junk like it was a steak in somila so I asked, do you like that? She said, americans are strong there, japanese are weak, and made the small dick hand motion, LOL. She asked if they do this in america, I said yup the even use their mouth. She was suprised. Ask then asked if she did and she said, I dont know. That was the worst answer. I left it alone. After a few more minutes I finished all over her hands and arms and she kept going for another minute nice and slow to make sure it was all out, still staring at it like she was gonna bite it off. I truly think she enjoyed it. She cleaned her hands off and got me a hot towel and wiped me down. I sat up on the bed and told her to come over, she stood close between my legs with my manhood poking her leg, I took her hands and placed them back on my stiff muscle and looked at her and told her that I had a great time, she started squeezing and stroking softly again. I told her I would be back soon. She did not want to let go, it was almost weird, a good weird. Anyways I got dressed, she gave me a card and asked for my number, I gave it up and she called right there to make sure it was right. she said now you have my number so you can call me to make sure im here if you want another massage. I wonder if she is keeping a client or not wanting to share me. To be honest I kinda wanna go back when she is not there to try the one girl who was wearing a skin tight black lace dress with here tits popping out.,238.74,,0,-0.33
Hong Kong $'s?? Singapore $'s?? Australian $'s?? Don't mean to be the one to break it to you but the thing is, here in Japan we all spend ¥JPY.

Pretty cuntish thing to say in this day and age.

I was abbreviating, not using a racial term. I just got here so gimme a break on the Yen/Dollar thing. I am American so I do still refer to money in dollars especially when the yen rate is pretty even. I don't get paid yen, I get paid in dollars so that's how I would like to refer to it. Btw that was only in the first post. Speaking of being Cuntish, your reply contributed very little to the forums. Way to go for being the dickhead of the day.
I was abbreviating, not using a racial term.

Let's all play along, yo. In my attempt to be non-cuntish, I would strongly urge you to

a) use USD or US$ when you are talking about 'dollars' - I think there's a dozen or more countries out there that use the term 'dollars' for their currency, and 3 of them are in this region. Sorry, but people aren't going to assume you are talking about USD here.

b) use 'JP' as an abbreviation, not 'Japanese'. The latter has strong racist connotations for both Westerners and Japanese.

Thanks for your reviews. The more good information out there, the better.
Hairy Guy, thank you for your contributions, they are graciously appreciated especially given the lack of information shared from that particular area.

The points made by the other posters are valid, it's meant to be no offense to you or your contribution. We have a fair amount of working girls that do read this site and some forms of abbreviations, unfortunately, still have somewhat of a sting of a racial slur for them.

We hope that you'll continue to participate at any level, it is appreciated!

Thank you!
It's all good. It's my first time writing reviews and I'm pretty new to Japan, it will take a bit of learning in writing reviews just like it takes time to learn the ropes of this game we all enjoy.

If anyone else has info on the Yamato/ebina/zama/ayase area please come forward, I know there are other military guys on here in these areas
You always go for the oil massage. If happy endings are normally provided that's the course that includes it.
Curious to know if this place is still open. I've tried them before (2013) but now that I'm back from getting stationed in the States I'm looking to revisit.
Sorry, but people aren't going to assume you are talking about USD here.

The USD is not only the main currency of the planet but also anyone even slightly familiar with the scene or having read a few reviews here should get the $70 ~= ¥7,000 price as the standard for HE at most of these places.