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Yuri: AM User Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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Greetings All,

I usually like to give new girls on the AM website a couple of months to settle in, read a few reviews and check out what other punters think, before I decide whether or not to pop, or the girl opts out and leaves.

But I do have a soft spot for short girls, especially if they are below the 160cm mark (Sora & Lili being my current favourites), and with new AM girl Yuri measuring in at 148cm I decided to surrender to the temptation.

Yuri arrived on time and we made our way to the love hotel.

What struck me most about Yuri was the contrast between her face and her figure.

Physically, she has obvious stretch marks across her stomach and down her upper breasts, with hard, unattractive nipples and far-from-perfect skin. On the plus side though, her pussy is totally clean-shaven, with full, protruding labia and a super-sensitive clitoris. She is extremely receptive to DATY. Her thighs are short and stocky but very firm and quite a turn-on for me, along with her well-muscled calves.

By contrast, Yuri has one of the cutest faces it has been my pleasure to meet! She wears her hair in a simple dyed-brown bob, framing a picture of sweet-hearted innocence. Wide, expressive eyes, a cute little nose, full, soft lips and pearly white teeth.

I had chosen a costume option for Yuri; the Sailor Suit School Girl with white socks. It proved a wise choice, covering the less appealing aspects of her body whilst complimenting the innocent appeal of her delightful face.

Now, to the action.

The initial shower was practical and efficient; a thorough soaping with no play at all. I didn't initiate any, being more keen to see her playing the school girl, but I'm certain she would provide if that's your thing. Throughout our time together she was more than willing to do whatever I asked of her, as you will now learn.

I must describe my first pop to you in detail because it's the best I've ever had.

With Yuri dressed in her sailor suit and socks, and yours truly in the buff, we began by standing together. Her slight stature really turned me on. She had to stand on tip-toe to kiss me and happily bounced up and down on her toes, full of beans as we began to DFK. She has a great mouth and takes or gives tongue expertly. My horn was pressing into her belly, my balls against the fabric at the hem of her sailor top. She took me in hand and stroked gently. I bid her to sit on the corner of the bed. She pressed her plump thighs together and spread her feet as she sat, like the school girls sit on the trains. I offered her my erection and she played with it girlishly, looking up at me with big, questioning eyes. She knew exactly what I wanted. BBBJ was out-of-this-world! Soft, hard, damp, wet, tongue flicking and caressing, lips turned inward and sucking, slapping my cock against her cheek, letting me rub it across her face, everything you can imagine.. and more. I popped and she took it to the face, in her mouth, across her nose, rubbing her lips against the tip, slurping, looking up again, cum-sodden and smiling. Then, just like an AV star, she played with it, gently pulling threads from my glans and smearing it around my staff, tweaking it between her fingers, before taking me into her mouth again to clean me up.

I collapsed, sprawling on the bed, whilst she washed her face and dabbed the red ribbon tie of her sailor suit clean where I had dribbled. Then we rested, I smoked and recovered whilst she told me her life story, until I got things moving again by reciprocating.

DATY was great fun. She is super-sensitive and up for it, juicing up quickly and responsively. I slipped on a condom and mounted. She gripped me with those strong, plump thighs, and I rode her, gazing down at her so sweet face as she tossed her head and moaned wide-eyed back at me. My second pop was almost as intense as the first, this time within her tight, undulating pussy. After I withdrew, she unsheathed me and gazed lovingly into my used condom, again playing around, with school girl innocence, upon discovering the sticky contents.

We finished standing in front of the mirror. She sat on a chair to perform more BBBJ before I turned her around and took her from behind with her kneeling on the chair. She enjoyed watching herself being fucked in the mirror as much as I enjoyed watching myself fuck her! I couldn't manage a third pop, despite all her efforts to coax it out of me. I guess the first splattering of her sweet face took most of it out of me. But I didn't care in the least about that!

So, in conclusion, Yuri is an interesting new addition to the AM stable. If you do book her, choose a costume option and you won't be disappointed. Naked, Yuri is not much of a turn-on, but dressed up, she is cute-as-a-button.

I may well repeat, if only to once again experience the BBBJ and cum-shot of a lifetime, though new girl Ami looks intriguing....

Happy Punting!
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Don't you think some of that personal information is a bit too personal to share here?
Probably this section:

Info Removed

However, taken with a grain of salt, these girls are actresses. Their stories are usually a bit of truth mixed with fantasy. From a legal perspective, there is nothing in this text that's remarkable beyond any other single mother.

If these details are too much, I'm sure we'll hear about it in short order.

Mawjav - thanks for your contribution, stellar as always. :D
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How's that?

IMHO, the idea of including too much personal information about a woman who has just allowed you to cum all over her face sounds like a contradiction in terms to me!

But reviews are here to help, not hinder, both punters and girls. So consider your critique addressed.

Happy Punting!
Thank You for the very detailed review about me. :)
I'm not perfect specially my body as of written in this review and
thank you for all the opinion about me. Sorry I wasn't born to have an AV like
body. I will never ever wanted to seek for surgeries just to look like every man would want and fantasized. I'll try working out to lose a bit of a weight
cause I know I'm chubby and really have that motherly figure hahaha.. Can't do anything about my stretchmarks that's motherhood is all about.

Thank You! :)
Hi Yuri,

Nice to see an AM girl providing feedback on their own feedback. Thank you for a great time!

Hi Mawjay,

Yes of course, before getting into Asian Mystique I was really aware of this kind of forum and reviews. I was having a bit of a worry before but, I find it interesting hahaha... I could learn something from here :) I enjoyed our time. And sorry for being so overly talkative hahaha... But thank you.

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