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Need some advice leading me in the right direction

My salaryman friends who have been working in the same company for more than a decade don't even make 1/3 of that salary though (after taxes)
If we assume they have no dependents, that means they’re making 2.7 million a year (or less) pre-tax. Average 225,000 a month after ten years.

Assuming they’re doing a few hours of OT a day, they could make more flipping burgers or running a conbini till.

Pretty sure your friends are exaggerating.
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Yep, that office tower just outside the station. There are two HUB bars, one on each side of the corridor. One was closed at noon and the one opposite was open with perhaps three groups of quiet Japanese nursing tiny drinks. Now, I don't know if that's the norm but if it is, that's for damn sure going to be on my agenda next time I'm in town with a couple of hours to spare. I think the cider was 800-yen for a pint, I think.
I never thought I’d read those lines coming from you, going to a HUB voluntarily :ROFLMAO:
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Also yes, the cider is fine. Hard to find good cider here, even harder on draft.

Just going to throw this out there as I forgot to mention it, just in case you're big on ciders. You know that Matsuzakaya/Toho/Parco complex right outside Okachimachi Station, with the sporting goods store on the first floor and the big courtyard out front? I used to buy my racing/track shoes there while in town so I always do a stroll through Ameyoko and stop by to browse the selection while back in town. When was I was back earlier this month I saw they now have food/drink trucks and tables out in the courtyard, and there was an interesting booth with all sorts of apple-related shit, including--and don't quote me on this as I was distracted and in a rush--what appeared to be ciders. If you're going to be in the area anyway it might be worth checking out.
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