some initial experiences

Sharing my failed date from the girl I met via SD jp. People can get an idea that it is not always rosy.

I had a feeling she wouldn't be a good one during the initial messaging. She is demanding, like asking for the meeting to be sooner rather than later, telling me that the place I choose initially is too far, making the same comment again when I suggested an alternative, etc.

On the day she was 40 minutes late. This despite the fact that she was the one who proposed to meet 20 minutes earlier than the Initially agreed time.

Before we sitting down at the restaurant I felt that we aren't going to be a good match for some reason.

Then the conversation was so bland that I felt like I should just leave. She wasn't that good looking but not bad either. She tried to eat as quickly as possible and rushing out of the place to the hotel.

Then in the room, a quick shower, a quick fuck which she mostly trying to avoid me touching her as much as possible. I couldn't came. We left within about 45 minutes after entering the hotel.

The whole date , including the dinner was only about two hours long. I guess she is trying to make her round to other meetings.

Other than this SD bait and switch story, this is the first time that I didn't exchange Line with the girl.

Seriously, next time I should learn to cut loss, give her some money and leave after dinner.
Dang that's a real shame. This is why I started doing dinner meetups for the first date, and then adult exchanges on the 2nd meet-up. This way you can weed out women that you don't get along with. It's more time consuming, but I've found that it builds more tension and rapport for the 2nd date and beyond.
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