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Wait! Are you saying that even though all you want is tea, you get served up just desserts in addition? 😳🫨🤯

What's worse I am a coffee drinker and all the girls want to offer is a cream pie!

It's a hard responsibility when you carry The Beautiful One.

Today I met a girl that can do adult from the first meeting, when I asked her about "How much is adult and how long is the duration?"
She said, "Adult is 40,000 yen and you can go from 5 to 12 hours."
I am very surprised by what she said 40,000 yen for 12 hours?
After that I met her.

Her face is cute, but she is on a fat side, but she said she is try to diet.
She is very kind and she teaches me how to do massage.
And when I asked her "Is that true 40,000 yen can go for 12 hours?" She said yes it's true.

And then I said, "Instead of having sex non-stop for 12 hours, how about we go to Disneyland?"
She is agree with my suggestion, and then she said, "If you want to go to Disneyland for 12 hours, you can just pay 20,000 yen."
I am very surprised about this, because I asked many other girls about how much do they want to go to Disneyland? And many of them said they want 50,000-60,000 yen.

In conclusion, there are many kind girls out there on sugar dating apps.

My thought.

If I think about it, the girl that can do adult since the first meeting, they can also be asked to have tea, lunch, or go to Disneyland together.

But, the girl that want to do adult after meeting tea and lunch, they can block or never reply to your message after they took the lunch money.
They can also prolong the meeting, they can said to you that we must know each other more, let's meeting a few times again.
Let's say after you meeting them 5 times and spent 60,000 yen, then you asked about their promise for adult, they can just easily block or disappear from you.

So, I think it is better to meet the girl that can do adult since the beginning, you can do the same things which is go to tea, lunch, Disneyland without actually needs to think how to successfully do adult with them.
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