Terrible Dad Jokes Thread

If R2 is short for R2-D2, Chewie is short for Chewbacca, and Ani is short for Anakin, what is Luke short for?

A stormtrooper.
A photon checked into a hotel. The clerk asked if it had any luggage. The photon said, "No--I'm traveling light."
A man was standing in front of a food truck with a sign that read.

Cheeseburgers $5
Fries $3
Handjobs $10

He walks up to the truck and asks the woman at the window, and asks "Are you the one giving out the handjobs?"
She replies "I sure am!"

He hands the woman $10 and says "Wash your hands, I'd like two cheeseburgers"
What's the difference between Black Eyed Peas and chick peas?
Trump has never paid to have a black eyed pea on his face.
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